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Borderline Disorder deeply affects people who have the Disorder, often in ways that impact their relationships with the people who are closest to them - parents and siblings, spouses and close friends. As someone who is in relationship with a person who suffers from the Disorder, you have choices to make about how you can support them and care for yourself.

This comes from casting your relationship within a context of support, compassion and boundaries. The tools and resources assembled here may help you to bravely understand how the impacts of Borderline Disorder have affected you and to determine how you will move forward.  

Explore the options presented here and think about how you might be able to combine different tools and resources with your own unique strengths to start you on your journey. Take the time to discover what may be right for you. Remember, you can step in and out of the resources here and throughout the site at a pace that feels comfortable. You have the strength of the whole Black Sheep Project’s community with you.

Own your journey!


Black Sheep Stories


Our strength as a community stems from our capacity to share our stories, to listen, to hear, to know the struggles and successes others experience. Our unique stories are powerful, carrying messages of hope, bravery and perseverance from people who are living everyday with the impacts of Borderline Disorder. We invite you open yourself to being inspired by the people who have shared their stories and to think about how your story could inspire others. 

Gwen & John provided stability and support to help their daughter Sarah to take ownership of Borderline Disorder in her life, enabling her to take responsibility for herself and to own her journey. In building a relationship of trust and safety within their family, they created space to see their daughter’s strengths, giving her the steady support she needs to realize her potential.


Black Sheep Stories


The journey you will take to learn how to manage Borderline Disorder is unique to you and your loved one, starting from where you are in your life right now.

Dr. Bob Friedel shares his own Black Sheep Story about his beloved sister Denise and her struggle with Borderline Disorder. Through the lens of his own personal relationship, we can see both its impact on relationships and how far we’ve come in our our collective understanding of the Disorder.


Where to Begin


Behavioral symptoms are a major part of Borderline Disorder that cause disruptions in normal development of effective patterns of behavior and in relationships. It is imperative that you have a safe, supportive, and effective relationship with a therapist who is able to help you learn about your illness, what it means to you, and how you can use psychotherapy to help you gain optimal control over your symptoms.




Below are some of the resources the Black Sheep Project has selected that you may be interested in. Visit the Black Sheep Project’s online store for more books and for the complete line of Black Sheep Project’s branded gear.


As with anything complex, Borderline Disorder comes with its own language. The Black Sheep Project, working with clinical professionals, has assembled this glossary to help you understand key terms that you are likely to encounter as you explore our site and learn more about how Borderline Disorder affects you and those you care about.