We Got This

Borderline Disorder affects different people in different ways. The impact  the Disorder has on you and your loved one is unique to your relationship. The Black Sheep Project is here to support those who have or may have Borderline Disorder, throughout your individual journey. It is through these unique differences that we also find our strengths. Through our shared efforts and stories, we have the chance to discover our immeasurable capacity for compassion and understanding. This is what makes possible the potential for advancing the research, therapies, and treatments that will create even greater hope for our loved one’s futures, to create lives that they and you will love to live.

Welcome to the Black Sheep Project, a place where you will be able to confidently say "We’ve Got This.”

Borderline Disorder is complex, and understanding how it may affect your loved one can help you to know which resources will be most helpful. Our “We Got This Section” of the website is tailored just for you, people who are in a relationship with someone who has, or may have, the Disorder. It features a simple quiz to give you a sense of how the dimensions of Borderline Disorder may be affecting your loved one’s life. The BD-101 section of the BSP site equips you with a strong foundation about symptoms, environmental risk factors, and the cause and course of the disorder. You’ll also find evolving information about co-occurring disorders, discussions regarding how medications and therapies can work together for successful treatment strategies, and a section of working skills that includes advice on how to have important discussions with your loved one regarding their diagnosis. You’ll also find tools to help you build a clinical care team, a world map illustrating the span of our Black Sheep Community, valuable book recommendations, and a working glossary to guide you in your conversations.

One of the most important ways you can support and honor your loved one who is struggling with Borderline DIsorder is to remember that their life is their own and that they are responsible for their journey. You also have a responsibility to honor and love yourself in this journey. As you gain compassion for your loved one, think about how you could begin to nurture compassion within yourself. Without a doubt, yours is a difficult role. You will need to build a support system for yourself just as strong as the one you help your loved one build for themselves. Take time for yourself, for your own relationships with others who love you, and for pursuing your own interests. These relationships and private moments will provide you with the strength you need to sustain yourself and your loved one in your journey. Utilize the tools and techniques on our site to provide the self-care and self-compassion you need to manage the varied impacts Borderline Disorder carries with it, caring for yourself as you care for your loved one.

We invite you open yourself to being inspired by the community of people who have shared their stories of resilience through Black Sheep Stories and to think about how your story could inspire others. Let your experience strengthen someone else, giving them courage in a moment when they may need it the most. 

Being prepared to meet all members of our community, whenever and wherever they are in their journey, is at the heart of what the Black Sheep Project is about. Discover ways your unique talents and lived experiences can help us do that: volunteer your time or donate in support of the Black Sheep Project’s programs. With your help, we can accelerate our shared learning about the causes, nature, symptoms, and treatments of the Disorder through a combination of community resources, advocacy, and research. Your donation, on behalf of the one you love, will help us increase awareness, erase stigmas, support research, and strengthen our community.