For All the Black Sheep

We’ve all been there. No matter who we are, no matter what our circumstance, we’ve all had moments when we felt utterly alone. A black sheep with no way to fit in.  

For those affected by Borderline Disorder, this feeling is all too common. The Black Sheep Project was created to make sure that those affected by Borderline Disorder never feel alone again. To ensure that their words and their stories, and the words and stories of those who love and support them, would matter.

The Black Sheep Project is a community for everyone affected by Borderline Disorder, individuals who may have the Disorder, their friends and families, and the clinical community, working together to dramatically increase awareness, erase stigmas and connect each other with effective clinical practices, research, and advocates. It is our passion and mission.  

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) stems from disturbances in brain pathways that regulate emotion and impulse control, affecting different people in different ways. BPD is a real medical disorder defined by a pattern of impulsivity and instability in interpersonal relationships and self-image. Understanding these patterns of behavior can help each of us to understand the Disorder better.

The Black Sheep Project has chosen to talk about what is typically called Borderline Personality Disorder as simply Borderline Disorder—not a personality disorder. We here at the Black Sheep Project are all about erasing stigmas, and we hope that by casting the Disorder in a slightly different light we can begin to do so. A person has Borderline Disorder; they are not defined by it. Our hope is to take a little power back with this choice—to own it. To be responsible for the behaviors, choices, and decisions we make on our journey and throughout our treatment path. To begin to empower our own lives and the lives of those who love and support us with hope. Because no matter what we have heard or believe, when it comes to Borderline Disorder, there is hope.  

We’re all Black Sheep here. Don’t worry that you don’t belong or that you might not fit the diagnosis precisely right. There is lots of information to learn from here. Listen to the stories on this site. Focus on the emotions and the behaviors. There is no blame or shame here. Only an opportunity to find a community of people who will care for you. Look around. Search through the skills, treatment options, and research. See what resonates with you.  

Open your hearts with ours and learn the skills to make a difference—to create compassion and relate with empathy around a mental health disorder that affects millions. Consider adding your personal story with Borderline Disorder to our Black Sheep story collection and inspire others in their journey, volunteer your time with the Black Sheep Project, shop at our store (all proceeds support our mission), and utilize our valuable resources to help educate yourself about the Disorder.

At the Black Sheep project, we aim to lead this charge with hope, and we have big goals. Our advocacy efforts reach far into the future, encouraging regulatory policies that will increase both the visibility and research availability for Borderline Disorder. Giving to fund our research efforts will help the Black Sheep Project to continually advance medicine’s knowledge of Borderline Disorder, setting subsequent generations up for even higher chances for success. Led by committees of clinical experts, the Black Sheep Project will use funds from private individuals, foundations and other sources to solicit and review research proposals and targeted research.  

At the Black Sheep Project, our focus is on people, relationships, and lives. Support the Black Sheep Project with your gift of financial support, and help us build this community of support for you or for someone you love who may be affected by Borderline Disorder. Your generous gift, no matter how large or small, helps us reach our goals to make sure that no one ever feels alone again.