You Got This

The Black Sheep Project connects millions affected by Borderline Disorder in a unique way—connecting individuals who may have the Disorder, their friends and families, and the clinical community—with each other and with best practices, research, and advocates. Within this dynamic community, the Black Sheep Project provides a strong, practical base to better understand the causes and course of the Disorder, creating an opportunity to erase stigmas and increase awareness. With our resources, we are bridging the gaps in perception and knowledge and moving the conversations about Borderline Disorder towards helping those affected to live successful, thriving lives. 

WIth your skills and perspective, we will create a community of forward-thinking professionals dedicated to resiliently meeting each obstacle, setback and challenge, drawing on our shared strengths and our community to create positive social and clinical change.

Our website is built to invite more people to the table, dramatically accelerating access to knowledge and support around Borderline Disorder. The “I Got This” section of the website is written for those who have, or may have, Borderline Disorder. It features a BD-101 course detailing the fundamentals, symptoms, genetic causes and environmental risk factors of the Disorder, and provides people with a self-assessment to serve as a conversation starter between patients and their clinicians. It also includes valuable discussions about how medications and therapy can be used together as a treatment option, a working skills page that includes tools to help patients talk to their loved ones about their diagnosis, and a world map illustrating the span of our Black Sheep Community. 

The “We Got This” section of our website is for friends and family who may be supporting people who have Borderline Disorder. It provides the information from the perspective of those who are in the supportive role, offering in-depth information on co-occurring disorders, a skill section on self-care, setting boundaries and building a care team and support system for yourself and your loved one. 

The “You Got This” section of the website serves as a gathering point for clinical professionals, providing up-to-date research, information on the behavioral dimensions of Borderline Disorder, the impacts of co-occurring disorders, and perspectives on therapy and medication options. It also serves as a support network, giving clinicians an opportunity to share experiences and best practices to both advance the level of care and expand the availability of resources for people around the world. 

Our current Black Sheep efforts include networking people with relevant information, knowledge, and experiences that they can use to determine their own best courses of action. At its core, medicine’s understanding of Borderline Disorder is still a rapidly evolving field. The Black Sheep Project is working to accelerate our shared learning about the causes, nature, symptoms and treatments of the Disorder through a combination of Community Resources, Advocacy, and Research.  

Among the dynamic resources we are creating to assist our community in their efforts includes the Black Sheep Resources Database. This region-by-region database will provide our community with information about clinicians, support groups, skills training, inpatient and outpatient services in their area.
The Black Sheep Project is committed to continually advancing medicine’s knowledge of Borderline Disorder, setting subsequent generations up for even greater chances for success. To do this, we have established select committees of clinical experts to solicit and review related research proposals and, in some cases, commission targeted research in seven core focus areas: Family and Public Education, Genetic Research, Neurobiological Research, Epidemiology and Psychosocial Research, Psychotherapeutic Treatment, Psychopharmacological Treatment, and Psychopharmacological Treatment. Reach out to us directly if you are interested in finding out how you could contribute your time and knowledge directly to one of these focus areas.

Our most exciting resource, however, is our own community. We are actively collecting Black Sheep Stories. These audio and video stories, told by people within the Black Sheep Project’s growing community, bravely speak hard truths about the realities of Borderline Disorder with compassion and courage, serving to increase awareness and inspire others. We invite you to share your own Black Sheep stories, stories of those you have met who have faced this Disorder and moved their own lives forward with hope. 

As part of this community, you have the chance to contribute to new ways of thinking around the Disorder, laying the groundwork for better diagnoses, treatments, and social climate for the next generation of people impacted by the Disorder and providers who serve them. There are millions of people around the world with Borderline Disorder, many without access to mental health support. With your voice and your talent, we have the chance to build the important relationships, supported by new and more effective methods and research, that will help more people impacted by the Disorder live successful, thriving lives. At the Black Sheep Project, our goal is to be a respectful, optimistic and inspired community of change-makers, strengthening the lives of those we serve. We invite you to join us in this critical effort.