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Each day presents opportunities for you to make conscious decisions, the deliberate choices that enable you to manage the aspects of Borderline Disorder that affect your life. Working with clinical professionals and the people you have gathered on your own and through the Black Sheep Project to support you, you have an approach that is helping you manage your life. 

Learning how to listen to yourself and others you trust helps you understand how the symptoms of the Disorder are playing out in your life, and the difference that the combination of treatments and therapies are making in your life. In that, you can recognize your successes. 

Along with the evolving set of tools, practices and skills you will find here, the Black Sheep Project has gathered stories that can help you see how other people are living consciously with Borderline Disorder. Consider which options you could incorporate into your own life to help you pay daily attention to the work you are engaged in.


Black Sheep Stories

Our strength as a community stems from our capacity to share our stories, to listen, to hear, to know the struggles and successes others experience.

Raw and vulnerable, Matthew relates the impact Borderline Disorder has had upon relationships in his life and struggles with where to go next in his search for support, reminding us that we all start somewhere in creating hope for our lives. 


Therapies & Medications


Behavioral symptoms are a major part of Borderline Disorder that cause disruptions in normal development of effective patterns of behavior and in relationships.

It is imperative that you have a safe, supportive, and effective relationship with a clinician who is able to help you learn about your illness, what it means to you, and how you can use psychotherapy, medications and skills to help you gain optimal control over your symptoms. 

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Black Sheep Stories

Garance J. Bonadonna, founder of the Bird Set Free Project, shares the story of her Borderline Disorder diagnosis and her journey through therapy.

Our strength as a community stems from our capacity to share our stories, to listen, to hear, to know the struggles and successes others experience. These stories serve to increase awareness, inspire hope, and dispel the myths and stigmas surrounding Borderline Disorder, knitting us more closely together.

Sharing your story is one of the most powerful ways you can help strengthen and build the Black Sheep Project’s community. With your unique story, you have the capacity to inspire others and inform the discussion about Borderline Disorder. 


Daily Practice


Daily practice is an archive of skills that, when practiced, become habits that can help you to ground and center yourself.

Research shows that people who practice mindfulness meditation have better self-awareness, are more open to experiences and are better able to regulate their own emotions. Utilizing your growing support community, treatment plan, skills and your unceasing resilience, these daily practices will help sustain you and move you from a place of simply surviving each day to learning to live a life that is interesting and joyous.

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Below are some of the resources the Black Sheep Project has selected that you may be interested in. Visit the Black Sheep Project’s online store for more books and for the complete line of Black Sheep Project’s branded gear.


As with anything complex, Borderline Disorder comes with its own language. The Black Sheep Project, working with clinical professionals, has assembled this glossary to help you understand key terms that you are likely to encounter as you explore our site and learn more about how Borderline Disorder affects you and those you care about.