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Understanding how the dimensions of Borderline Disorder affect your life helps you determine the path you will create for yourself. The direction you take responsibility for choosing is very personal, informed in part by the range of resources, therapies, and tools the Black Sheep Project has assembled to help you address your experience.

Explore the options presented here and think about how you might be able to combine different tools and resources with your own unique strengths to start you on your journey. Take the time to discover what may be right for you. Remember, you can step in and out of the resources here at a pace that feels comfortable to you.

Think about how you can use what you learn here to advocate for yourself, and to enlist others to support you in the work ahead. Together, with the support you find and the Black Sheep Project, you are taking the first, brave steps to care for yourself.

Own your journey!


Black Sheep Stories


Our strength as a community stems from our capacity to share our stories, to listen, to hear, to know the struggles and successes others experience.

Click below to read to Emma's inspiring story recounting the struggles and confusions caused by the effects of Borderline Disorder in her life.

"I fight every day to control my impulses. I am not a monster. I am not manipulative. I am not evil. I never intend to set out to harass or latch on to anyone – I just become too dependent upon them. I did not know other people did not see the world or feel things like I do. I am not histrionic. I am in pain."

Black Sheep Stories


There’s tremendous power in recognizing and acknowledging the effects of Borderline Disorder. Listen as Bas names his emotions, shares his own personal coping strategies to counter impulsive thinking, and live his life in balance with the Disorder.

Our unique stories are powerful, carrying messages of hope, bravery and perseverance from people who are living everyday with the impacts of Borderline Disorder. We invite you to open yourself to being inspired by the people who have shared their stories and to think about how your story could inspire others. 


Plan your Journey


There are many ways you can find support for yourself in your journey with Borderline Disorder.

Taking responsibility and making choices about your treatment path is an important part of your own success and we here at the Black Sheep Project are here to encourage you in your choices. As you gain knowledge and understanding about the Disorder, its causes and course in your life, you can begin to move forward in finding which issues are most important for you to acknowledge and address. Building a team of clinical professionals, advocates, support groups and/or others who can support you in creating a plan for the days ahead will help you to stay positive and moving forward.  Our resources and your new-found skills will provide you with the support you need. Continue reading for more detailed information on building a strong community of support around yourself.




Below are some of the resources the Black Sheep Project has selected that you may be interested in. Visit the Black Sheep Project’s online store for more books and for the complete line of Black Sheep Project’s branded gear.


As with anything complex, Borderline Disorder comes with its own language. The Black Sheep Project, working with clinical professionals, has assembled this glossary to help you understand key terms that you are likely to encounter as you explore our site and learn more about how Borderline Disorder affects you and those you care about.