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Friends and Family Workshop

  • Portland DBT Institute 5200 SW Macadam Ave, Suite 580 Portland, OR 97239 (map)

Presented by the Portland DBT Institute.

Our Friends and Family Workshop is recommended as a starting point for family members and friends in our clients’ (or potential clients’) lives. Learn about Borderline Personality Disorder and other disorders that involve emotional dysregulation, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and effective ways to support your loved one. Get more information about Portland DBT Institute services, including how you can be involved in your partner’s, children’s, sibling’s, parent’s, etc. treatment.

This workshop uses lecture, discussion, and practice exercises to accomplish the following goals:

1. Learn the biosocial model of development and maintenance of clients’ problems

2. Learn some of the basic DBT ideas and skills that clients are learning in the program

3. Explore ways to provide an environment for clients that balances validation (where the focus is on acceptance) and problem-solving (where the focus is on change)

4. Discuss clients’ high-risk behavior and how to be effective in the face of it

5. Feel less isolated in supporting clients and get connected to further resources for support

This workshop is drawn from the evidence-based practice of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).