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Effective Clinical Management of Borderline Disorder


Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development
Santa Fe, New Mexico

This course will teach psychiatrists and other clinicians what is needed to become capable and comfortable in treating patients with Borderline Disorder. The course teaches evidence-based principles of Good Psychiatric Management (GPM) of Borderline Disorder. Participants who attend the course will complete GPM training. The course begins with a focus on interpersonal hypersensitivity as a unifying feature of the disorder. Through interactive cases and in depth questions and answers, participants will develop skills in diagnosing Borderline Disorder, understanding its course and outcome, starting treatment, applying principles of psychopharmacology, and effectively collaborating in multi-provider treatments. Basic information about the impact of Borderline Disorder on other psychiatric and medical disorders (and vice versa) will help participants more effectively formulate care and treatment of patients with Borderline Disorder and other disorders.