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8th Annual National Borderline Personality Disorder Conference

  • Hotel Grand Chancello 23 Leichhardt St Brisbane, Queensland Australia (map)

Sponsored by the Australian BPD Foundation, the conference will play a major role in promoting the message that will access to evidence-based treatment and support the prognosis for people with BPD is positive.

The conference will highlight the many contributions of those with lived experience of BPD, all those involved in providing and improving treatment, care and support for people with BPD their carers and families. It provides a unique opportunity for clinicians, practitioners, consumers, carers and family members from across Australia to meet, collaborate, share and learn.

They are seeking passionate people who are interested in sharing their lived experience of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), a family member/friend/carer or a clinician supporting people with BPD or a researcher.

  • A person with lived experience of BPD to present a keynote address
  • A person with lived experience of being a family member/friend supporting someone with BPD to present a keynote address
  • A clinician experienced in working with people with BPD (or their family/friends) to present a keynote address
  • Presenters for workshops for people with BPD (consumers) approx.
    • +/or families/friends (carers)
    • +/or clinicians
  • People to be a facilitator or a member of a panel

They are seeking presentations that are inclusive of people with BPD, families and friends and clinicians around the broad themes of:

  • Resources, Research, Respect and Recovery and
  • Moving forward – what does the future for BPD look like in Queensland –  conceptions, connections, collaboration