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The Black Sheep Project™ is a non-profit foundation created to raise awareness of Borderline Disorder and provide connection and support to individuals and families affected by it. Each one of us at Black Sheep has a personal connection to borderline disorder. Some of us have had it ourselves. Others have family members affected by it. And some of us are the clinicians who help. Our audience includes anyone who has BD, their families, and treating professionals.

Our vision is to be the foremost advocacy group for Borderline Disorder and other related disorders and to be recognized as the world’s leading platform for brain disorder awareness and support.


About Black Sheep Project™

Borderline Disorder affects everyone it comes in contact with. Friends and family. Spouses and partners. Employers and co-workers. Not just the person who has it.

At the Black Sheep Project™, we get this. We understand that when I have BD, you suffer from it, too. And no one should have to be alone in this.


Keep watching this space as we expand our reach and continue adding to our scope of services.

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