The Black Sheep
Project Story

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Founded in 2017, the Black Sheep Project started with a single story. Like many whose lives are affected by Borderline Disorder, Rick Remitz found himself searching for answers within the context of a difficult personal relationship. His search led him to learn about Borderline Disorder, where simply being able to put a name to what had affected his relationship was an accomplishment.

The search for resources created opportunities for him to share his story with others he met -  each relatively alone in their pain and their struggle for understanding and comfort. People who had lived in relative silence, caught in a cycle of blame and shame propounded by the myths and biases prevalent among both many clinicians and in society as a whole.

Out of this experience was born the Black Sheep Project. A close community of people and professionals living with the effects of Borderline Disorder, where the growing knowledge about managing the Disorder is gathered around a common language that helps people access their strengths and chart their own journeys. A place that leverages the power of community to build increasing societal awareness about Borderline Disorder, moving it out of the shadows. And ultimately, a place that celebrates the power of story to free ourselves from being alone.


Our Mission


The Black Sheep Project is a community for everyone affected by Borderline Disorder, working to dramatically increase awareness, erase stigmas and connect each other with effective clinical practices, research and advocates.

Together, we’ve got this.


Our Values


The Black Sheep Project carefully considered our values, not only to guide ourselves, but to serve as a touchstone for the people, the families, and our partners as we continually address Borderline Disorder.


We Will
Lead with Hope: 

We will be a respectful, optimistic and inspired community of changemakers, strengthening the lives of those we serve.


We Will
be Welcoming:

We will nurture an inclusive community, inviting space to build trust and honor people’s diverse experiences, perspectives, knowledge and ideas.


We Will

We will resiliently meet each obstacle, setback and challenge, drawing on our own strengths and our community to create positive social and clinical changes.


We Will
Be Brave

We will speak every hard truth. We own our responsibilities, to ourselves and others. We will be courageously ethical and compassionate, and we will pass that courage and strength on to others.